Red Fang Unveil New Song “Stereo Nucleosis” via Adult Swim Singles Series: Stream

The Portland rockers turn in a ripper for the 43rd entry in the Adult Swim Singles Series

Red Fang Adult Swim Single
Red Fang, photo by James Rexroad

    Portland rockers Red Fang have contributed the 43rd entry in the Adult Swim Singles Series with their new song “Stereo Nucleosis”.

    The track is a surefire ripper from the quartet, who’ve been churning out heavy desert rock for nearly 15 years. During these times of malaise and unease, Red Fang offer up a welcome reprieve of carefree, high-energy riffage.

    For sequestered stoner-metal fans pining for the halcyon days of open-air festivals like Hellfest and Project Pabst — circuits where Red Fang appeared regularly over the past decade — “Stereo Nucleosis” is like a fragrant blast of weed-tinged air from a not-so-distant past.


    “Stereo Nucleosis” follows the band’s standalone 2019 single, “Antidote”. Red Fang’s remained otherwise quiet since releasing their third studio album, Only Ghosts, in 2016.

    Maybe the one-off songs hint at a possible fourth album from the group? Per Relapse Records’ press release for the Adult Swim single, Red Fang “have an eye towards the future with exciting news about more new music forthcoming as 2021 inches closer.”

    Stream the song “Stereo Nucleosis” and check out the single artwork below.

    “Stereo Nucleosis” Single Artwork:
    Red Fang Adult Swim 43