Brian Setzer Launches Reverb Store to Sell His Personal Guitars, Amps, More

The items up for sale include the guitar he used on "Sleepwalk" and a leopard-print one from the film The Country Bears

Brian Setzer Reverb store guitars amps guitar Gretsch, photo via Reverb
Brian Setzer, photo via Reverb

    If you’ve ever contemplated learning how to play rockabilly music at home, then now might be the time to give it a try. Brian Setzer has partnered with Reverb to sell a handful of guitars, amps, and more from his storied career, several of which he used to help popularize the genre.

    The official Brian Setzer Reverb Shop will open to the public on August 26th online. Among the items he’s selling are a Gretsch 6120 Smoke Prototype that he used on The Brian Setzer Orchestra’s hit “Sleepwalk” and a leopard-print Gretsch Hot Rod that he played in the 2002 Disney film The Country Bears. He’s also listing a custom Gretsch Hot Rod in green pin-stripe and Gretsch Hot Rods in white and red sparkle, all of which were seen on various Christmas tours by The Brian Setzer Orchestra.

    Many of the other guitars up for sale here have been customized or built by TV Jones, the luthier and pickup maker who has had a close working relationship with Setzer for decades. Additionally, Setzer is getting rid of a blonde Fender 1963 Bassman with a matching cab, a Sho-Bud pedal steel, and a silver sparkle upright bass.


    In a video, Setzer details which pieces he’s putting up for sale and takes a trip down memory lane by explaining when and where he used each item over the years. “So I guess you’re wondering why I’m selling all of these guitars,” he says in the clip. “I’ve heard that you can only play one at a time — I don’t know if I believe that, but, that’s what I’ve heard.”

    Check out the video below, and head to Reverb to check out the official store.

    Last fall, Setzer was diagnosed with severe tinnitus, causing him to cancel his scheduled holiday tour. If nothing else, hopefully the peace and quiet of a pandemic-induced quarantine has given the rockabilly legend time to heal. Maybe when things get back to normal he can convince the recently reunited Stray Cats to play some live shows again, too.

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