Kid Cudi Gets Tattoo of Kurt Cobain Wearing Daniel Johnston Shirt

By the famed tattoo artist Doctor Woo

Kid Cudi's Kurt Cobain / Daniel Johnston tattoo
Kid Cudi’s Kurt Cobain / Daniel Johnston tattoo

Longtime Nirvana fan Kid Cudi has gotten a tattoo of Kurt Cobain wearing a Daniel Johnston shirt.

Cudi shared the photorealistic ink in social media posts over the weekend. The tattoo appears to be on the outside of his left forearm, and was performed by Doctor Woo, he of the rumored two-year waitlist. As Uproxx points out, Cobain is depicted just as he was during the 1992 VMAs, complete with a shirt honoring Johnston’s 1983 album Hi, How Are You. As Woo said in his own statement, “Kurt in Daniel on Cudi…legends all the way round.”

Cudi’s never been shy about his feelings for Cobain, and has tweeted about the grunge icon numerous times, including, “Never not thinkin’ about Kurt Cobain,” “Im obsessed with Kurt Cobain. I wish he was still here, so he could teach me guitar tricks,” and, distilled down to its essence, the two words “kurt cobain.” In 2011, Cudi filmed a video in which paid his respects to the fallen legend. Check out a picture of the tattoo, and some of Cudi’s other Cobain tributes below.

It’s been a busy year for Cudi. He’s working on a collaborative album with Travis Scott, the first preview of which was the single “The Scotts”. He’s also got a solo album, Entergalactic, on the horizon, and has shared the Eminem collaboration “The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady” as well as the solo effort “Leader of the Delinquents”. Cudi will star in the upcoming HBO series We Are Who We Are, debuting September 14th.

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