10-Year-Old Nandi Bushell Rocks Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”, Gets Kudos from Kirk Hammett: Watch

The young prodigy delivers another impressive multi-instrumental performance

Nandi Bushell Metallica
Nandi Bushell, via YouTube / Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, photo by Raymond Ahner

This year’s youngest heavy metal hero is undoubtedly 10-year-old YouTube prodigy Nandi Bushell. After covering tunes from Queens of the Stone Age to Rage Against the Machine — to the praise of Tom Morello himself, who presented Bushell with a guitar — she has now taken on the iconic Metallica song “Enter Sandman”. And Kirk Hammett is impressed.

Nandi plays bass, guitar, and drums on her rendition. She hits every note and has already mastered the proper stage-ready facial expressions (the Gene Simmons’ tongue, the ‘whoa’ face, the ‘yeah’ face, etc.). Even the guitarist of Metallica had to give Bushell her due props for the video.

“How could I not repost this?” Hammett wrote on Instagram, sharing Bushell’s original post: “Enter Sandman by @metallica! This song is so EPIC! Hope you enjoy my tribute to the AWESOME @larsulrich @kirkhammett @robtrujillo and #jameshetfield! You guys ROCK!”

It appears the YouTube covers are paying off for Nandi, who’s already gotten sponsored by Roland and Fender. The respective companies sent the young musician an electronic drum kit and Stratocaster/amp pairing, and she gave both a shout out in the post: “ALSO – thank you for supporting me @roland.artists @roland_uk @roland_us @fender!”

Needless to say, Nandi is killing it and her cover choices remain veritably heavy. What will she take on next? Watch her cover of “Enter Sandman” below.

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