Omar Rodríguez-López Releases New Triple Solo Album The Cloud Hill Tapes: Stream

The 20-track collection boast new arrangements of past Rodríguez-López solo songs

Omar Rodríguez-López at Clouds Hill studio in Hambug, Germany

    Omar Rodríguez-López, of The Mars Volta and At-the Drive In fame, has unveiled a new collection of solo recordings called The Cloud Hill Tapes.

    Available digitally and as a 3xLP vinyl box set, The Cloud Hill Tapes boast new arrangements of 20 past Rodríguez-López solo songs, recorded and produced by Johann Scheerer at the Clouds Hill Recording Studio in Hamburg, Germany in late 2018 and early 2019.

    The Cloud Hill Tapes marks Rodríguez-López’s first physical solo release since 2012. The vinyl box set can be purchased here, and you can stream the full 20-track collection below.


    In related news, last year Cedric Bixler-Zavala revealed that he and Rodríguez-López planned to reunite The Mars Volta and release new music.

    The Clouds Hill Tapes Tracklist:

    The Clouds Hill Tapes Part I
    01. Roman Lips
    02. Fishtank
    03. Bitter Tears
    04. Houses Full Of Hurt
    05. Science Urges
    06. Fool So Bleak
    07. Arcos Del Amor
    08. To Kill A Chi Chi

    The Clouds Hill Tapes Part II
    01. Diamond Teeth
    02. Vanishing Tide
    03. Eastern Promises
    04. Through Wires
    05. Killing Out
    06. We Feel The Silence


    The Clouds Hill Tapes Part III
    01. Winter‘s Gone
    02. It All Begins With You
    03. Running Away
    04. Paint Yourself A Saint
    05. Born To Be A Nobody
    06. Tell Me What I Did Wrong