Emily Cross on Being a Death Doula in 2020

Cross Record and Loma songwriter also discusses finding calm and beauty in art and mortality

This Must Be the Gig - Emily Cross
This Must Be the Gig – Emily Cross

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    This Must Be the Gig is joined by Emily Cross of Cross Record.

    The experimental project focuses on a powerful fusion of visceral muscle and ephemeral glow—most recently culminating in an incredible self-titled record in 2019. In addition, Cross is one third of the band Loma, alongside Dan Duszynski and Jonathan Meiburg, and they’re set to release a new record via Sub Pop.

    If that weren’t enough, Cross is also a death doula, someone who assists in processing death and aims to help individuals and families cope with mortality. Needless to say, her work in that field with Steady Waves End of Life Services is particularly pressing and meaningful in the midst of a global pandemic.


    In today’s episode, host Lior Phillips talks to Cross about organizing “living funerals” for individuals struggling with the concept of mortality, how moving to England may change her work, and bringing essential oils into green rooms.

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