The Stone Roses’ Ian Brown Says “Plandemic” Is Making Us “Digital Slaves”

He's also shared the new pro-conspiracy anthem "Little Seed Big Tree"

Ian Brown plandemic stone roses 5G digital slaves microchip conspiracy meltdown twitter
Ian Brown

    Maybe this is the 5G microchip in my brain talking, but it sure seems like Ian Brown had a massive meltdown on Twitter yesterday over coordinated coronavirus responses. The former singer of The Stone Roses asserted that the ongoing pandemic is actually “plandemic” with the evil goal making us all “digital slaves.” To support his views, the Manchester rocker shared the new pro-conspiracy anthem “Little Seed Big Tree”.

    In one all-caps tweet, Brown summed up his views as “NO LOCKDOWN NO TESTS NO TRACKS NO MASKS NO VAX.” The reason, he explained, is that he believes the coronavirus pandemic is part of a vast conspiracy — a “plandemic,” if you will — to control the population. He wrote, “THE GREAT RESET the plandemic planned designed and executed to make us digital slaves.” He included the hashtags #factchecker and #researchanddestroy.

    His new track “Little Seed Big Tree” takes these same ideas and makes them rhyme. At one point, Brown describes the “Geoengineering, making more than patterns in the skies/ 5G radiation, beamed to Earth from space by satellites/ The scientist and mediatrist/ Trying to tell me 2 and 2 is 5.” Later he laments, “A false vaccine, like a bad dream,” continuing,

    “They’ll plant a microchip, every woman, child and man
    A plan to chip us all, to have complete control
    The land, the sky, your soul”


    Brown is in some formerly-admirable company: Van Morrison called socially-distanced concerts “pseudo-science” and recently announced an anti-lockdown song series. Meanwhile, Noel Gallagher called wearing a mask “bollocks.” In times of crisis, we show the world who we truly are, and as it turns out, lots of us are fucking bonkers. Expose yourself to “Little Seed Big Tree” below.

    Last year, The Stone Roses confirmed the band has broken up once more, and Ian Brown shared the solo album Ripples.