John Frusciante Releases New Solo Single “Brand – E”: Stream

Red Hot Chili Peppers member offers another preview of his upcoming solo album Maya

John Frusciante Brand - E music video new song music stream (YouTube)
John Frusciante (YouTube)

There’s barely two weeks left until John Frusciante drops Maya, his latest solo album. To shorten the wait time, he’s released a new single from it called “Brand – E” that comes with an accompanying music video.

“Brand – E” is a five-minute burner that turns a mellow keyboard melody into an Aphex Twin-like number featuring a breakneck jungle beat, throbbing synths, and some blissful drum fills. Technically it’s an uptempo song because of its time signature, but Frusciante’s production work gives the whole thing a surprisingly relaxing feel.

In the song’s music video, directed by Amalia Irons, a white-eyed blind woman can be seen walking through a dark tunnel and onwards towards downtown Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Frusciante himself is standing in a glass botanical room while lasers scan his body and flash across the sky. Things get more supernatural from there in what’s essentially an abstract sci-fi short. Watch it below.

Maya is due October 23rd via Timesig. In addition to his solo work, Frusciante recently rejoined Red Hot Chili Peppers, and together they’re recording a new album.

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