Oneohtrix Point Never Releases New Album Magic Oneohtrix Point Never: Stream

Daniel Lopatin's latest project was executive produced by and features The Weeknd

Magic Oneohtrix Point Never new album stream the weeknd
Oneohtrix Point Never, photo by David Brandon Geeting

    Daniel Lopatin has returned with the latest album as Oneohtrix Point Never, an expansive 17-track collection called Magic Oneohtrix Point Never. Stream the full thing below via Apple Music and Spotify.

    Magic Oneohtrix Point Never gets its name from the same place that Lopatin got the 0PN moniker itself: the radio station Magic 106.7 that aired in his Boston area home. As such, the album plays out much like a radio station’s dayparts, clicking on for the morning drive-time music, and closing with the late night jams. The record is broken up four different suites, each split by a “Cross Talk” section.

    Prior to the album’s full release, 0PN shared the “Drive Time Suite” (“Cross Talk I”, “Auto & Allo”, and “Long Road Home” featuring Caroline Polachek) and the five-track “Midday Suite” (Cross Talk II”, “I Don’t Love Me Anymore”, “Bow Ecco”, “The Whether Channel”, and “No Nightmares”). The last song on that latter suite features The Weeknd, who also earned an executive producer credit on Magic Oneohtrix Point Never. Other guests on the album include Arca, Nate Boyce, and Nolanberollin.


    Lopatin spoke with The Guardian about his working relationship with The Weeknd’s Abel Tesfaye, which also includes co-writing three tracks on After Hours and collaborating on unused tracks for the Uncut Gems score. Lopatin had taken to sending his 0PN works-in-progress to Tesfaye. “I needed someone to give me perspective on what I was doing as a music fan because he’s got unbelievable taste,”  said Lopatin. “He was like: ‘Burn it down! This is an 0PN record!’ I was like: ‘Oh yeah, I forgot!’ He was really in my corner as a friend.”

    There may be more 0PN/Weeknd collaborations in the future, but for now, check out Magic Oneohtrix Point Never below.

    Magic Oneohtrix Point Never Artwork:

    Magic Magic Oneohtrix Point Never

    Magic Oneohtrix Point Never Tracklist:
    01. Cross Talk I
    02. Auto & Allo
    03. Long Road Home
    04. Cross Talk II
    05. I Don’t Love Me Anymore
    06. Bow Ecco
    07. The Whether Channel
    08. No Nightmares
    09. Cross Talk III
    10. Tales From The Trash Stratum
    11. Answering Machine
    12. Imago
    13. Cross Talk IV / Radio Lonelys
    14. Lost But Never Alone
    15. Shifting
    16. Wave Idea
    17. Nothing’s Special