Scream’s Sidney Prescott Is a Beacon of Resilience

Psychoanalysis studies the way PTSD affects this beloved Final Girl

Psychoanalysis - Scream
Psychoanalysis – Scream

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    “But this is life. This isn’t a movie..”

    There are certain rules you must follow when talking about a final girl.

    Join Jenn, Lara, and Mike as they travel all the way from Woodsboro to LA with our favorite final girl. This week, Psychoanalysis explores the story of Sidney Prescott over the first three films of the Scream franchise and examines how PTSD affects her relationships with others.

    They’ll look at her resilience through horrific events, compare and contrast her boyfriends, and describe the many ways they find empowerment in her story. Rest assured, they do mention the sweater — and the bangs. As always, they’ll end with their grounding and self-care.


    Our moms and dads are gonna be so mad at us…

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