The Descent Is a Masterful Depiction of PTSD

Psychoanalysis explores the depths of trauma through Neil Marshall's claustrophobic classic

Psychoanalysis - The Descent
Psychoanalysis – The Descent

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    “Hey, there’s something down here…”

    We’ve just descended into a deep, dark hole in the woods, and it doesn’t look at all like the guidebook. Join hosts Jenn, Lara, and Mike as we kick off October with a new monthly theme: PTSD. Together, they’ll discuss how it is represented in Neil Marshall’s 2005 cave horror, The Descent.

    They’ll discuss recovering from trauma, flawed but fascinating characters, empowering imagery, and their thoughts about the two different endings. As always, Psychoanalysis will close with its grounding and self-care including a sidebar (sidekick?) on Cobra Kai.


    See you down there!

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