MAGA Lovers Trapt Invite Proud Boys to Next Dallas Concert

Just to spite "social justice warriors", who Trapt believe are to blame for the cancellation of one of their upcoming shows

Headstrong dummies Trapt

    Not unlike our Manchild-in-Chief, MAGA lovers Trapt love to throw a tantrum when they don’t get their way. Following the sudden cancellation of one of their concerts, Trapt spiraled out into a mini Twitter rant on Thursday, during which they not only pledged their support for the Proud Boys, but also personally invited the neo-fascist group to one of their upcoming shows.

    The drama all started when Dallas music venue Trees announced that Trapt’s show on November 21st was scrapped “due to reasons beyond our knowledge.” Frontman Chris Taylor Brown, who is totally not a liar, subsequently accused “social justice warriors” for forcing the cancellation of the show.

    “So @trees in Dallas caved to threats to employees by a few of the under 100 social justice warriors who bitched about trapt in Dallas & who are also absolute sheep brainwashed by mainstream media,” Brown tweeted. “What a shame.”


    To spite the band’s haters, Brown then proceeded to invite Proud Boys members in Dallas to their next show in town. “Next Dallas show for Dallas Proud Boys & LE! POYB! See you SJWs there.”

    Naturally, Trapt received immediate heat for their Proud Boys shout-out. In a follow-up tweet, Brown attempted to defend the far-right group, and in doing so sounded like a Proud Boy card-carrier himself. “For the 100th time, Proud Boys include members of all races. It’s NOT for people who value their racial identity over being an American!” he wrote. “Just a group of dudes who are proud of our boy. My mother is as Mexican as it gets. Got way too many pure white dudes throwing the race card.”

    Brown didn’t stop there, though. In addition to blaming “social justice warriors”, he later accused the band Power Trip and their fans of pressuring Trees to drop the Trapt gig. Power Trip, who are mourning the recent loss of their frontman Riley Gale, feuded with Trapt earlier this year.


    “We now know who threatened the people at Trees in Dallas. It was the band @powertriptx and their fans…” tweeted Brown. “You threaten physical violence at trapt fans and workers at a venue for hosting another band you had issues with? Class act guys (OK hand gesture) Your fans are even classier…”

    Trapt’s idiotically “Headstrong” comments come just a few weeks after Donald Trump refused to denounce the Proud Boys during a presidential debate. Whether Trapt actually go through with their Proud Boys-featuring concert remains to be seen, but perhaps this is all just one big ploy for attention in the meantime. (Remind you of anyone?) Considering their dismal album sales, they probably need it.