Pringles Reveal Mascot’s Full Body After John Oliver’s Dare

Is there anything the Last Week Tonight host can't wish into existence?

Pringles mascot body drawing John Oliver guy actual, photo via Twitter
Pringles’ mascot Mr. P, photo via Twitter

    Pringles have one of the most recognizable mascots in the game. His name is Julius Pringles and he’s got a bushy mustache, flowing brown hair, and a dapper red bowtie that screams “Chips from a paper towel roll can be fancy, I swear!” It wasn’t until a recent John Oliver episode, though, that Mr. Pringles suddenly appeared suspicious, on account of the TV host pointing out that he apparently has no body. A floating head that wants you to eat potato chips? What is he hiding?

    Egged on by the Last Week Tonight host, Pringles took to social media today to introduce Mr. P and his disproportionate but entirely real body. “The moment @IamJohnOliver and @LastWeekTonight have been waiting for,” the brand tweeted. “In honor of every second John has thought of Mr. P’s body, we are donating $1 to @feedingamerica, which happens to be $10K.”

    Attached is a brief video in which Mr. P welcomes the viewer into his incredibly fancy home, shows off his full-length body, and then strikes a pose. So what’s he look like? Well, his giant head really is that giant in real life, or at least it appears to be in comparison to his body. As for his outfit, Mr. P rocks a white Pringles promo t-shirt, a matching red suit, white gloves, and cartoonish red sneakers. For some reason he is bald now, too.


    This whole thing started when the Emmy-winning host mentioned the Pringles mascot in a throwaway joke on his HBO show. “Is he tall or short? Does he have a lot of body hair or is he completely smooth? When will he be able to tell me what his nipples look like? Are you talking hours or are you talking days?” he pleaded.

    Fans started sharing their sketches of what the Pringles mascot could look like as more than just a levitating head. So naturally, even though Last Week Tonight is off for the rest of the year, Oliver doubled down on the gag by uploading a short YouTube video on Sunday displaying his viewers’ drawings, admitting he didn’t expect the joke to go viral, and promising to donate $10,000 to Feeding America if Pringles responded. It’s the type of goofy bit that only Oliver could pull off, hence why the show was just renewed for three more seasons.

    This is the latest piece of evidence that proves that John Oliver knows how to get results. When he jokingly lusted after Adam Driver, the Star Wars actor actually called him out on it. After Oliver mocked the town of Danbury, Connecticut “for no reason,” the Mayor offered to name their local sewage treatment facility after the comedian — and then he really did it. Maybe for his next bit, Oliver should convince government officials to work together and help millions of Americans struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.