The Voidz and Dua Lipa Perform, Paul McCartney Guests on Fallon: Watch

The Beatle discusses his new album, The Voidz play their GTA V song, and Dua duets with Fallon

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Dua Lipa, Paul McCartney, and Julian Casablancas of The Voidz

    Thursday night was a busy one over on The Tonight Show, as Jimmy Fallon welcomed Paul McCartney, The Voidz, and Dua Lipa.

    Each musician was there in a different capacity, with Macca serving as the featured interview. The Beatle discussed his new album, McCartney III, which came together while he was locked down with the family of his eldest daughter, Mary.  “I’d have a drink before dinner… and the kids are running around. And once one of them would say, ‘What’d you do at the studio today?’ And I’d say, ‘Ah,'” the legendary artist recalled. “Pull my phone out, get the little boom box going, and I’d play it to them. So they got a preview of the whole album a day at a time. It made it kind of more fun, really. It was like I was just making it for them.”

    He also touched briefly on a collaboration with Bob Dylan that never quite got together, and reminded Fallon of the time the host drunkenly sent him song ideas. “They were good. Not that good,” joked McCartney. “But they were good.”


    The Voidz, meanwhile, took on the musical guest spot. Julian Casablancas’ other outfit delivered their new track “Alien Crime Lord” from the recently released GTA V online update The Cayo Perico Heist. The group performed from a basement set that felt like a trippy Wayne’s World thanks to the psychedelic graphics green-screened onto random shapes around the space.

    Elsewhere, Dua Lipa made a surprise appearance. Taking some time out from preparing for her upcoming Saturday Night Live performance this weekend, she joined Fallon to cover a holiday classic. The pair dueted (safely six feet apart) on the Love Actually song “Christmas Is All Around Me”.

    Watch all the performance and interview segments below.


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