ERRA Announce New Self-Titled Album, Share Music Video for “Divisionary”: Stream

The metalcore group's forthcoming self-titled album arrives March 19th

ERRA Announce New Self-Titled Album
ERRA, photo by Aaron Marsh

    Metalcore act ERRA have announced their self-titled fifth studio album, which arrives March 19th. The band has also shared the music video for the lead single, “Divisionary”.

    ERRA’s dynamic take on progressive metal shines through on the new song. Complex riffs mingle with upfront melodies to create an immersive soundscape. It’s a fitting single for the new album, which aims for an atmospheric, escapist listening experience, even if the songs like “Divisionary” are rooted in a very real dystopian fear.

    “It’s a song about our relationship to technology,” vocalist/guitarist Jesse Cash said in a press announcement. “The song is pretty on the nose and intentionally a bit tongue-in-cheek. It creates a sort of campy parallel between our phones and religion. In the song, technology is God and we are all zealous fanatics of the service it provides, which is distraction from our immediate realities, which is presence.”

    The album’s press release states that the songs function in an episodic storytelling fashion, comparing the self-titled LP to the acclaimed sci-fi series Black Mirror and the works of author Cormac McCarthy.


    As for the decision to self-title the album, Cash explained that it’s meant to symbolize a “new chapter” for ERRA. Cash also feels the band has made a significant leap sonically since 2018’s Neon. The new album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Grammy-nominated duo Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland.

    “It’s clearly an evolution of the same band, it sounds like a record we wrote, but it’s such a big step forward from the last one that it seemed like the perfect time to self-title a record,” Cash said. “We wanted to give people who have been following ERRA the sense that we’re starting a new chapter, with something fresh.”

    Pre-order ERRA via UNFD and Amazon. Watch the video for “Divisionary” and check out the album artwork and tracklist below.


    ERRA Artwork:

    unnamed 56 ERRA Announce New Self Titled Album, Share Music Video for Divisionary: Stream

    ERRA Tracklist:
    01. Snowblood
    02. Gungrave
    03. Divisionary
    04. House of Glass
    05. Shadow Autonomous
    06. Electric Twilight
    07. Scorpion Hymn
    08. Lunar Halo
    09. Vanish Canvas
    10. Eidolon
    11. Remnant
    12. Memory Fiction

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