KISS’ Gene Simmons and Gibson Team for New G² Line of Electric Guitars and Basses

Simmons unveiled the new G² Thunderbird bass during KISS' New Years Eve show in Dubai

Gene Simmons Gibson Collab
Gene Simmons, courtesy of Gibson

    Founding KISS bassist Gene Simmons has partnered with Gibson for a new line of electric guitars and basses dubbed G². The new collection will launch with the release of the G² Thunderbird bass later this year.

    Simmons unveiled the Thunderbird during KISS’ elaborate New Year’s Eve livestream concert in Dubai. The entrepreneurial bassist recently reaffirmed his belief that “rock is dead,” but that’s not stopping him from releasing a new series of rock instruments.

    “You live and die by the instrument in your hands,” Simmons said in a press announcement. “You can stick your tongue out only so many times, but you have got to deliver the goods.”


    The new collection of right and left-handed guitars will span Gibson’s numerous brands — Gibson proper, Epiphone, and Kramer — which indicates a variety of price points for Simmons’ guitars.

    As seen during the NYE show, the G² Thunderbird is indeed a beauty in Simmons’ preferred shade of ebony. Models with either silver or red appointments will be available. According to the press release, G² plans to follow the Thunderbird with a Flying V bass and guitar.

    “I have been designing and trademarking bass guitars for decades, and when I heard Gibson’s vision and learned about their creative process, it just made sense for us to join forces to take things to the next level,” Simmons said. “Gibson is an outstanding company and has earned its place as a leading guitar brand with fans around the world. These guitars and basses will all be handmade, with a sound that is off the charts. The design is so beautiful and collectible that they are simply works of art.”


    An interview featuring Simmons discussing the new G² line with Gibson’s Mark Agnesi will premiere on January 18th at 11:00 a.m. ET via Gibson’s YouTube channel.

    In the meantime, if you’re looking to grab a bass to hone your skills before the G² Thunderbird is released, consider buying a standard Gibson Thunderbird on Reverb.