Beastie Boys’ Mike D is Auctioning Off VMA Awards and Gold Records For Charity

All of the money will go towards feeding hungry elementary school kids

Beastie Boys' Mike D is Auctioning off VMA's and Gold Records For Charity
Mike D (Apple TV+) and his VMA award for “Intergalactic”

    Mike D is still a real one. The Beastie Boys MC has decided that he doesn’t want to own many of his old music industry trophies anymore, so he’s auctioning them off for charity.

    The haul includes Gold records for iconic albums like Ill Communication and License to Ill, a 1998-1999 VMA for “Intergalactic”, an RIAA Platinum sales award for To The Five Buroughs, Beastie Boys action figures, and much more. Check out all 15 listings on Sotheby’s, which are valued to sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

    Instead of pocketing the loot, he’ll be donating all of the funds to Good Eats, a program that helps feed elementary school kids who are experiencing food insecurity. In a lengthy Instagram post, D explained the bittersweet reason for why he’s choosing to part with all this valuable paraphernalia.

    “I was never comfortable holding onto or looking at these awards/accolades that we got through the years,” he wrote in on Instagram. “Don’t get me wrong — I’m appreciative of them, it’s just not something I need to look at. “Anyway, I would give them to my mom whenever they came in and she was really happy to have them. Sadly, she died this last year. She was an amazing woman, but that’s a whole other story.”


    He continued, “Sooooo we are selling some of the stuff that she had (link in bio). I know the shit is pricey and maybe you have none or very little interest. And that’s fine. But all the $ goes to @goodeatsorg – an awesome charity getting food to kids in need in NYC and beyond.”

    Last year, Beastie Boys released a greatest hits album and finally put their ’90s hardcore EP, Aglio E Olio, on streaming services. D and Ad-Rock also reunited with Rick Rubin for the first time in over 20 years on the Broken Record podcast.