Alex Somers Announces Two Debut Solo Albums, Shares “Deathbed” and “Sooner”: Stream

Both albums drop March 19th

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Alex Somers, photo by Bella Howard

    Alex Somers, the multimedia artist known for his work with Jónsi of Sigur Ros, has announced not one, but two debut solo albums, Siblings and Siblings 2.  In anticipation of the March 19th release date, Somers has also shared a pair of lead singles, “Deathbed” and “Sooner”.

    Somers is no stranger to the art of composition, having cut his teeth on projects like Riceboy Sleeps and Jónsi & Alex. He’s also put in a fair bit of work on film scores, including the well-received Honey Boy soundtrack. His solo double-debut has been a long time coming, with much of the work starting more than half a decade ago. As he explained in a statement,

    “I’ve carried this music for a long time — so long that it’s become two albums. I wrote most of it between 2014 and 2016, but I abandoned it at different stages, thinking nobody else would want to hear it…. I don’t know any artist who doesn’t struggle with creativity. But friends who heard it, especially Jónsi, encouraged me to finish it. I’m really excited about making music that’s more relevant to where I am now. But first, I’m really excited to finally let Siblings go.”

    Both of the lead singles are atmospheric electronica, though as the titles suggest, they capture very different moods. “Deathbed” is dark and foreboding, while “Sooner” is built around lightly expectant pianos. They each come with a visualizer showing a young child in black-and-white, and you can check them out below.


    Siblings and Siblings 2 are out March 19th via Krunk, and pre-orders are available here and here. Last year, Somers and Jónsi contributed to Trayer Tryon’s track “cul de sac”.


    Siblings Artwork:

    pasted image 0 4 Alex Somers Announces Two Debut Solo Albums, Shares Deathbed and Sooner: Stream

    Siblings Tracklist:
    01. Weeping Willow
    02. Oh Willow I Die
    03. Deathbed
    04. Between Us
    05. Tell Star (for Joe Meek)
    06. Dim
    07. Oh No
    08. Kimblings
    09. Dreaming Boys
    10. Avalanche
    11. One
    12. Whirlpool
    13. Looking After

    Siblings 2 Artwork:

    pasted image 0 5 Alex Somers Announces Two Debut Solo Albums, Shares Deathbed and Sooner: Stream


    Siblings2 Tracklist:
    01. Following After
    02. Blown
    03. Woven
    04. Locket
    05. Patterning
    06. Never Ending
    07. Window Way
    08. Flutter
    09. Kimblings 2
    10. Hiddenness
    11. Sooner
    12. Oella
    13. Atlas

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