Rare Footage of Deftones Performing on Public-Access TV in 1992 Surfaces Online: Watch

The unearthed clip finds the young band performing the rare track "Answers"

Deftones 1992 performance
Deftones 1992 performance, via YouTube

    Rare footage of Deftones performing the song “Answers” on TV in 1992 has surfaced on YouTube via a fan channel dedicated to live clips of the band.

    Sourced from a professionally filmed broadcast on the Sacto Active Rock community-access TV show, the clip captures Deftones during their formative years. The band even had a different lineup, with drummer John Taylor behind the drum kit in place of Abe Cunningham, who left the group in 1990 prior to rejoining in 1993.

    For Deftones fans, it’s an invaluable glimpse into the pre-Adrenaline era. Chino Moreno had yet to grow his goatee; the late Chi Cheng didn’t have his signature dreadlocks; and guitarist Stephen Carpenter went wild on the soloing — not a style he’s known for.


    The song performed on the broadcast, “Answers”, has a more dub/reggae sound than the heavier alt-metal of Adrenaline and beyond.

    Material from the seven-year gap between the Deftones’ formation in 1988 and their first album in 1995 is scarce. A four-song demo cassette from 1992 has been discovered (apparently given to close associates in a limited run of 15 copies). Also, a demo of “Answers” can be found on the unofficial Deftones bootleg (Like) Linus, which purportedly surfaced in 1993, collecting various oddities from the band’s early era.

    Watch the rare 1992 clip of Deftones performing “Answers” below.