Fucked Up Drop 19-Minute Song “Year of the Horse – Act One”: Stream

The hardcore band's latest Zodiac series release has arrived

Fucked Up Year of the horse song new music stream, photo by Dustin Rabin
Fucked Up, photo by Dustin Rabin

    A week from now marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year, and that means that per tradition, Canada’s own Fucked Up have prepared some new music to celebrate: Year of the Horse.

    The latest installment in the longtime punk band’s ongoing Zodiac series, Year of the Horse consists of five individual “acts.” As noted on Twitter, Fucked Up are dedicating the new project to the Texas hardcore icons Wade Allison of Iron Age and Riley Gale of Power Trip, both of whom were friends with the group prior to their deaths.

    Year of the Horse is a Bandcamp exclusive, with a physical release following later on in 2021. Not all of the “acts” are available to stream for free at the moment, but the one that is — “Act One” — is quite the equine beast.

    “Act One” is a whopping 19 minutes long (!) in total. Unsurprisingly, Fucked Up stuff a lot of experimental hardcore punk into that runtime. There’s ambient whooshes, melodic drumming, sweeping cello, and regal trumpets, all layered beneath frontman Damian Abraham’s trademark scratchy hollers. At one point, Maegan Brooks Mills reads off poetic lines during the track’s two mid-track segments, “Blanches’ Suite” and “Mother Chorus”, both of which sound like renaissance fair bits.

    Stream/purchase it below. Pre-orders for the physical version of Year of the Horse are ongoing.

    Previously in their Zodiac series, Fucked Up have released: 2006’s “Year of the Dog”, 2008’s “Year of the Pig”, 2009’s “Year of the Rat”, 2010’s “Year of the Ox”, 2012’s “Year of the Tiger”, 2014’s “Year of the Dragon”, 2015’s “Year of the Hare”, and 2017’s “Year of the Snake”. The band’s last proper full-length album, Dose Your Dreams, dropped in 2018.