Kevin Gates Drops New Single “Plug Daughter 2”: Stream

The Louisiana rapper hits the tropics in the track's accompanying video

Kevin Gates Plug Daughter 2 new song music single, photo via YouTube
Kevin Gates, photo via YouTube

Punxsutawney Phil predicted another six more weeks of winter, but Kevin Gates couldn’t care less. The Louisiana rapper just surprise released a new single called “Plug Daughter 2” and an accompanying music video that sees him soaking up the sun in Puerto Rico. It’s a welcome dose of vitamin D, and you can stream it below.

Lyrically, “Plug Daughter 2” sees Gates detailing a tumultuous love affair, but the music itself couldn’t sound happier. Over a breezy beat, Gates’ vocals echo atop a nimble keyboard melody and faded backing vocals that harmonize rather sweetly. It’s mellow but driven — the exact type of progression Gates has been capitalizing on as of late.

In the music video, Gates wanders through gorgeous landscapes in Puerto Rico. Lucious trees and vibrant greens surround him while he cruises in a tricked-out car, dances by the ocean, and busts out a crisp, all-white outfit — imagery that was meant to draw out “the cartel-esque nature” of his new record, according to a press release.

This is the latest in a string of new tracks by Gates, following last year’s standalone singles “Power” and “Weeks”. Arguably his most bold song as of late, however, is “Wonderland”, which sees Gates singing John Mayer’s iconic eponymous hook surprisingly well.

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