Suspect208 (Sons of Slash, Trujillo) Unveil New Singer, Unleash “Nicotine” Single: Stream

Cody Houston makes his debut after replacing Noah Weiland

Suspect208 new singer new song
Suspect208 (l to r: Tye Trujillo, London Hudson, Cody Houston, Niko Tsangaris)

    Suspect208 — the band featuring London Hudson (son of Slash) and Tye Trujillo (son of Metallica’s Robert Trujillo) — have unveiled a new singer after parting ways with Noah Weiland (son of the late Scott Weiland). The new vocalist is named Cody Houston, and he makes his Suspect208 debut on the brand-new single “Nicotine”.

    The news of Weiland’s departure came just a couple months after the band introduced itself with its first single, “Long Awaited”, which took off with more than 1 million hits on YouTube. After releasing a video for second single “All Black”, Suspect208 announced that Weiland was no longer in the band, citing a “dark path of drug use” as one of the reasons.

    Singer Cody Houston rounds out a lineup that includes Hudson on drums, Trujillo on bass, and Niko Tsangaris on guitar. New single “Nicotine” starts out with a Nirvana-inspired guitar riff but moves into a more glam-rock vibe once Houston starts singing the first verse.

    Regarding Houston’s addition to the band, guitarist Tsangaris told Wall of Sound, “Cody was the first audition that was sent in, and we fell in love with his voice. It wasn’t until he then came to L.A. that we realized he is a super hard-working, talented, and awesome person. Musically, we connected on another level, and songs began to flow like water on the first day. We’re beyond excited to show our fans what we’ve been working on.”

    We spoke with Suspect208 via video Zoom while Weiland was still in the band. The members discussed their famous fathers, with Hudson telling us, “Drumming is my main passion. And I would say it really called me just ’cause I didn’t want to f**kin’ live in my dad [Slash’s] shadow. I don’t think I can get better than him, if I played guitar. I’m not trying to. I’m just trying to f**kin’ do my own thing, and have fun, and hopefully people gel with what I do.”

    Check out the new track “Nicotine” below, followed by our own video interview with Suspect208. The single is also available for download here.