Thurston Moore Unleashes Surprise Album screen time: Stream

Sonic Youth rocker delivers a 10-track instrumental record out of the blue

Thurston Moore, photo by Lior Phillips

    Forget that LEGO brick “white noise” playlist from earlier this week, because Thurston Moore has just surprise-released an ambient instrumental album called screen time.

    Today’s new effort consists of 10 songs, each with humble titles like “the station”, “the view”, “the neighbor”, and “the walk”. Seemingly recorded entirely on guitar, the tracks are mostly different variations of minimalist-style music.

    Some drone on, while others lightly dance. There’s “the home”, an offbeat and quirky tune that would suit a Wes Anderson film, but then the entire album closes with “the realization”, an expansive, nine-minute post-rock piece.


    If Moore’s intention was to limit our “screen time” and make us retreat into his aural world, then he may have just succeeded. Stream the full record below.

    screen time arrives about six months after Moore’s last last full-length, By the Fire, and just days after celebrating the 65th birthday of Sonic Youth bandmate Lee Ranaldo. Moore is next set to appear on a new tribute album honoring legendary poet Allen Ginsberg.


    screen time Artwork:


    screen time Tracklist:
    01. the station
    02. the town
    03. the home
    04. the view
    05. the neighbor
    06. the upstairs
    07. the dream
    08. the walk
    09. the parkbench
    10. the realization