Courtney Love Reveals She Almost Died Last Year From Anemia

She says she weighed just 97 pounds last August

Courtney Love Says She Almost Died From Anemia
Courtney Love, photo by Philip Cosores

    Courtney Love has revealed in a harrowing Instagram post that she almost died last year from a battle with severe anemia. The Hole singer says she was hospitalized for the condition last summer, and at one point weighed just 97 pounds.

    The 56-year-old says that she’s since made significant health strides and is feeling “so good now”, thanks to a great doctor and the magic of CBD. However, things weren’t looking good for her just six months ago. She began the lengthy post by saying that she was “debilitated” and suffering from “indescribable pain” for nine months, but that none of the doctors she visited took her seriously.

    “I was stigmatized for being an addict for 9 months by many ill-equipped drs, backwards drs and quacks,” she wrote on Instagram. At her lowest point, she was hospitalized for having a dangerously low red blood cell count (I.E. anemia) that almost took her life in August 2020. “Then I met the most empathic wise pain management dr. I’m so grateful!”, she wrote.


    Since then, Love has been using CBD oil to help with her physical symptoms and chronic pain, and she assured us all that she’s slowly but steadily regaining her strength back. “I used to scoff at cannabis / THC,” she wrote. “And I also am no fan of the narcotic effect, hate weed feeling. This isn’t that. It’s wo man and nature supporting us. It’s magic. But gods own CBD is a miracle.”

    She also confirmed that she’s still “100 percent sober”, and that she plans to use her experiences to help others on days when she’s not suffering from pain. “I’ve been basically bedridden,” she wrote. “I thought I was broken for sure this time. But I’m ok! So I’m just waking and I’m frail. I’ll be strong again soon!”

    “Not as always because this is the period to be mellow and not waste energy on anger, etc,” she continued. “A new sort of strong with wisdom and more empathy than I had for people with physical illness.”


    It’s unclear what she meant by this, but she also included the hashtag #crohnsdisease at the end of the post. She didn’t indicate whether she’s actually suffering from the chronic inflammatory bowel disease, but CBD has been known to help ease its debilitating symptoms.

    Last month, Love revealed that she cut her brief acting career short in the early aughts after experiencing “a bunch of #MeToos.”