Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Cannabis Brand, Houseplant, Comes to the US

Along with three strains of marijuana flower, the company has a home goods line

seth rogen evan goldberg cannabis line brand houseplant now available in us
Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, photo via Houseplant

    Two years ago, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg launched their mid-century modern cannabis line, Houseplant, in their native Canada. Now, the brand is officially crossing the border, as it will soon be available in the United States.

    Well, at least one part of the US. California residents will soon be able to purchase the company’s three strains of marijuana flower — indica, sativa, and hybrid — via the to-be-launched Houseplant website. Each varietal is named after weather patterns, like the 33% THC (that’s a lot!) sativa strain Pancake Ice. No word yet on when or if the brand’s pre-rolled joints, soft-gel capsules, and two flavors of carbonated beverage (grapefruit and lemon) will follow suit.

    While the actual weed will only be available in Cali to start, Houseplant’s new home goods line, Housegoods, will help spread the brand across the continent. Products include a tabletop lighter with ashtray lid, classic looking ashtrays, and matchboxes shaped like old VHS tapes. They even put together a vinyl box set with each cannabis strain getting its own LP mix.


    Houseplant has already won awards in Canada for its marketing and design aesthetic, and the mid-century modern look will come with it into the States. The pot itself is housed in stackable square tins, colored a distinct orange for sativa, purple for indica, and green for hybrid.

    Speaking with Fast Company, Rogen explained that Houseplant’s design imperative stems from a desire to make cannabis as fashionable as any other high end product, whether headphones or alcohol. As he explained,

    “I don’t drink, but I have a bar. I have a martini shaker. I have corkscrews, champagne glasses, all of that. It’s because alcohol, which I do not think is a good substance, gets a lot of reverence and has been celebrated. It gets a lot of thought put into the design and lifestyle of those who consume and enjoy it. That same thought hasn’t been put into weed. And we are more than happy to be the ones to be doing that.”

    Rogen and Goldberg have put a decade into Houseplant, and they both seem genuinely thrilled to realize their marijuana dreams. At the same time, they’re aware their status as Hollywood royalty and connections to established founders Canopy Growth Inc. put them in a privileged position when it comes to the legal cannabis game. That’s why the use their well-designed social platforms to advocate for criminal reform, while Houseplant themselves work with criminal justice and drug policy nonprofits across North America. They also provide funding and in-kind support to organizations like Marijuana Policy Project, NORML, and Cage Free Cannabis. They’re also working on a mentorship program for underserved entrepreneurs trying to enter the legal cannabis market.


    “We’re very fortunate to be from Vancouver, a place that treated weed the way it did when we were kids, and the whole reason we’ve been so fortunate with this company is because of where we’re from and [being] able to cultivate this life around cannabis that other people haven’t,” Goldberg said. “There’s a responsibility that comes with that.”

    Stay tuned for the official Houseplant US launch, and check out Rogen’s announcement video below.

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