Really From Unveil New Self-Titled Album: Stream

The Boston outfit blends emo, jazz, and math-rock on their first record since 2017

Really From Unveil New Self-Titled Album
Really From, photo by Nick Surette & Elle DioGuardi

    Really From are a Boston band who make a curious blend of emo, jazz, math-rock, and more. Really From, out today, is their first album since 2017, and you can stream it below via Apple Music or Spotify.

    If the name Really From doesn’t ring a bell, then maybe People Like You will. The quartet put out two records under that moniker before changing the project’s name for undisclosed legal reasons, so this new self-titled affair represents a sort of reset for the group. Musically, it’s a continuation of their novel combination of sounds: intricate jazz, hard-to-play but easy-to-take-in math-rock, and the type of refined emo that pairs just as well with a cup of coffee and a book as it does PBR in a crowded basement.

    Thematically, the record is even more nuanced, which isn’t common in a genre (emo) that’s often rooted in the catharsis of simply yelling one’s feelings. As the band explained in a recent Stereogum interview, the album is about the cultural experiences that the members have endured as mixed-race people in modern America. There are songs about trying to learn their parent’s native languages after years of speaking English, the complications of family, and being the victim of racism and sexual objectification.


    They fit a lot into just nine songs, but it never once feels overwhelming. Just rewarding. In addition to being available on streaming services, Really From vinyl, cassette, and CD variants are up for order now via Topshelf Records.

    Really From Artwork:

    Really From artwork
    Really From Tracklist:
    01. Apartment Song
    02. Quirk
    03. Yellow Fever
    04. Try Lingual
    05. I Live Here Now
    06. Last Kneeplay
    07. I’m From Here
    08. In The Spaces
    09. The House