BABYMETAL Jump on the NFT Craze with Digital Trading Cards

The limited-edition digital card packs drop on May 6th

Babymetal NFT Digital Trading Cards
Babymetal NFT Trading Cards, courtesy of Biz 3 Publicity

    BABYMETAL are the latest music act to jump on the NFT trend, announcing limited-edition digital NFT trading cards dropping May 6th at 11 a.m. ET via WAX blockchain.

    The 10-card digital packs are limited to 1,000 and will be available for $100 for 72 hours. The purchase comes with at least one tangible object in the form of the band’s new best-of anthology, 10 Babymetal Years, on gold-colored vinyl.

    The 10 cards in each pack “represent all 10 episodes of the Metal Resistance — the 10 chapters of the band that have unfolded since their inception a decade ago,” according to a press release.

    At just 1,000 NFTs, the packs will certainly be in demand, considering the massive worldwide fanbase Babymetal has built since forming in 2010 — not to mention the sudden popularity of NFTs.

    For the uninitiated, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have become a new way for artists to distribute digital content, essentially encrypting images, songs, and full albums using blockchain / cryptocurrency technology — as we explain in our guide about the hot new industry trend.

    In a world of copy-and-paste file overload, NFTs have a uniqueness that makes them appealing to collectors and investors alike. They’ve also given artists new incentive to share digital content, as well as a lucrative new source of revenue.

    The gold-colored vinyl will only be available via the digital packs, with transactions made via credit card or PayPal. You will need to create and connect a WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) wallet for the purchase.

    Get more info on Babymetal’s official NFT trading card page, and see our 2019 video interview with Babymetal below.