Chet Hanx, Son of Tom Hanks, Drops New Song “White Boy Summer”

Tom Hanks' son delivers a dizzying melange of cultural appropriation

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Chet Hanx in “White Boy Summer” video

    We live in a cold, uncaring world — a place devoid of logic or compassion — and if you needed proof we now have the new song “White Boy Summer” by Chet Hanx.

    The third child of Tom Hanks has long been a powerful argument against his father’s perfection. From his days rapping under the name Chet Haze, to his insistence that he was allowed to use the N-word, through his odd appearance at the Golden Globes last year when he spent the whole evening talking in a fake Jamaican accent, the man now calling himself Hanx has always been an agent of chaos.

    Hanx’s newest venture kicked off two weeks ago, when he shared a baffling video on Instagram. “Hey guys, I just wanted to tap in really quick,” he began. “I just got this feeling that this summer is about to be a white boy summer. You know, take it how you want.” He did clarify that he wasn’t “talking about Trump, you know, NASCAR-type white,” but rather people like, “Me,” and “Jack Harlow-type white boys.”

    If you thought the next step would be some sort of apology, then you don’t know Hanx. The actor/rapper doubled down on his prediction, even releasing a line of “White Boy Summer” merch with a questionable, white power-y font. At that point, a new music video called “White Boy Summer” seemed inevitable.

    Now it’s here, and as you might have expected, this song about whiteness is a dizzying melange of cultural appropriation. Hanx resurrects his godawful Jamaican patois, rapping, “Bad gyal, white don dada/ rude boy, it’s a white boy summer.” He wraps himself in a Jamaican flag for no apparent reason, poses in front of a lowrider, dumps liters of champagne onto dancing models of color, and has multiple shots of his own head getting bounced off the dancers’ asses. It’s a sub-mediocre rap song that doubles as a horrifying gaze into the void, and you can check it out below.

    Hard as it is to believe, this isn’t even the most problematic part of Hanx’s 2021. His ex-partner Kiara Parker got a restraining order against him in January, alleging physical abuse. Via TMZ, she is now suing him for physical and emotional damages. In response, Hanx shared a video of himself with a bloody face, alleging that Parker had attacked him with a knife.

    Hanx recently appeared in six episodes of the Bryan Cranston limited series Your Honor.