Crumb Announce Sophomore Album Ice Melt

Featuring singles "BNR", "Balloon", and "Trophy"

Crumb Ice Melt new album music song stream Crumb, photo by Third Pupil
Crumb, photo by Third Pupil

    After a lot of teasing and a discreet Billboard campaign, Crumb have finally announced a new album is on the way. The record is called Ice Melt and it’s due out April 30th via their own label Crumb Records. It’s the psych-rock band’s second studio full-length overall, following their 2019 debut Jinx.

    Ice Melt consists of 10 tracks in total and includes the three singles Crumb released earlier this year: the bass-forward jazz funk number “Trophy”, the eerie dream-pop song “BNR”, and the energetic hit “Balloon”. Based on those songs, it sounds like the Brooklyn-based group will be on the top of their game once again as they refine their unique brand of psych-rock.

    Crumb wrote Ice Melt over the course of the past two years and recorded it in Los Angeles with producer Jonathan Rado. In a statement, lead single Lila Ramani described the album as being a “return back down to earth” and a deeply felt examination of “real substances and beings that live on this planet.”


    Pre-orders for Ice Melt are currently ongoing, including limited-edition vinyl pressings in gold, turquoise, and black. Check out the ominous album artwork by Abraham El Makawy and the complete tracklist below.

    Ice Melt Artwork:

    Ice Melt by Crumb album artwork cover art by Abraham El Makawy

    Ice Melt Tracklist:
    01. Up & Down
    02. BNR
    03. Seeds
    04. L.A.
    05. Gone
    06. Retreat!
    07. Trophy
    08. Balloon
    09. Tunnel (all that you had)
    10. Ice Melt


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