Fyre Festival Cheese Sandwich Tweet Being Auctioned Off as NFT

In order to cover owner Trevor DeHaas' medical expenses

fyre fest cheese sandwich tweet nft
Fyre Fest Cheese Sandwich, photo via Trevor DeHaas

    Back in April 2017, Trevor DeHaas drew attention to the Fyre Festival fiasco by sharing a photo of the pathetic cheese sandwich served to attendees. Now, he’s hoping to follow in Fyre Fest co-founder Ja Rule’s footsteps by selling the tweet on NFT marketplace Flipkick in order to cover expenses for his daily dialysis and potential kidney transplant.

    DeHaas is hoping to sell the original image and ownership of the copyright for $80,000. He shared his inspiration for the idea with Axios. “A few weeks ago I saw Jack Dorsey, auctioning off the first tweet ever and at the time it was like $2.25 million,” explained DeHaas. “Instantly I thought of my viral tweet from Fyre festival.”

    Dorsey’s tweet ultimately sold for $2.9 million. DeHaas added, “Now a few weeks before the 4 year anniversary of the festival (4/28) I’m selling the most iconic cheese sandwich on the blockchain along with the ownership of copyright.”


    Anyone interested in directly contributing to DeHaas’ medical expenses can head over to his GoFundMe right now. He is also accepting donations through the popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    In late March, Ja Rule — who is a partner with Flipkick — sold an oil painting of the Fyre Festival logo for $122,000.

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    Check out DeHaas’ original cheese sandwich tweet and his announcement below. His NFT auction ends April 4th at 8 p.m. Bid on the tweet here.