Jai Paul Releases New Song “Super Salamander” on Recreated MySpace Page: Stream

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of "BTSTU"

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Jai Paul

    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of his hit song “BTSTU”, Jai Paul is taking us back to the days of MySpace. The enigmatic London producer has recreated the old school social media page where he initially gained notoriety to share a new song called “Super Salamander”.

    The track is tucked into a playlist that features other Paul classics like “BTSTU” and “Genevieve”. “Super Salamander” is a brief banger that sounds like it’s sampling a ’90s horror TV show theme (extra credit to anyone who can source the dialogue), slinking away almost as quickly as it drops in. Take a listen by heading to

    Also on the page are a number of throwback MySpace Easter Eggs. There are images of Paul’s influences like J Dilla and Whitney Houston (us too), and his “Friends Space (Top 8)” features collaborators like Fabiana Palladino and Ruthven. Clicking around on some of the links takes you to places like Instagram (“Add to Friends”) and a particularly impressive piano cover of “BTSTU” on YouTube (“Rank User”).


    There’s also, of course, a note from Paul himself: “whats goin on my names jai im a artist/producer jst startin out in the game let me kno if u feel it… thanks 2every1 whos been backin me i rly appreciate it peace.”

    Back in 2021, Paul also sent out a message to fans pointing them to the recreated MySpace page. “it’s 10 years today since i put out my first single… it’s been a bit of a mad one still,” he tweeted, “so just wanted 2 do something fun n say thank u to everyone whos been down from the start.”

    “Super Salamander” marks Jai Paul’s first music since 2019’s double B-Side single “He” and “Do You Love Her Now”.

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