Jónsi Shares Original Score for Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse: Stream

The Sigur Rós singer gives the film an action-packed punch

Jónsi Without Remorse score Tom Clancy OST stream Jonsi, photo by Philip Cosores
Jónsi, photo by Philip Cosores

    Jónsi has surprise released his new score for the Amazon Original movie Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse. Stream it below via Apple Music and Spotify.

    Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse is an adaptation of the titular writer‘s best-selling novel. The film version follows a lost Navy SEAL (Michael B. Jordan) who cracks under pressure and decides to take on both drug lords and the Vietnamese after the death of his pregnant wife. It’s dramatic, thrilling, and full of plenty gripping fight scenes — as the film’s trailer showed — but ultimately it isn’t a fulfilling watch.

    However, for his original score, Jónsi translates all of that drama and tension into a sleek blend of ambient soundscapes, stirring orchestral strings, and industrial electronica that’s entertaining on its own. He may be known for his heartfelt singing in Sigur Rós, but Jónsi gets the opportunity here to flex just how cinematic and melodramatic he can make songs sound through the lens of an action thriller adaptation — and he pushes himself to new heights in the process.


    Pre-orders for the OST are currently ongoing, including a special splatter-colored vinyl pressing. Check out the cover artwork and the complete tracklist for it below.

    Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse OST Artwork:

    Tom Clancy's Without Remorse by Jonsi film score original movie

    Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse OST Tracklist:
    01. Aleppo
    02. Sniper
    03. Hallway
    04. Say Her Name
    05. Jail
    06. Campfire
    07. Vaseliev
    08. Arlington
    09. Welcome Home
    10. Death Follows Me
    11. SCIF
    12. Barents Seas
    13. Zodiac
    14. Murmansk
    15. Rykov
    16. Swim
    17. Exfil
    18. True Patriot
    19. Rooftop
    20. Stairs
    21. Aftermath
    22. Potomac
    23. Funeral