Consequence (of Redesign): Welcome to Our Brand New Site

A new name, a new look, same great content

consequence of sound relaunch logo

    It’s an exciting day at Consequence, as we are proud to unveil our brand new website — and brand new name.

    Today’s relaunch marks the fourth iteration of Consequence in its 15-year history. It also marks something of a new beginning. Though we launched in 2007 as a music blog, over the years we’ve expanded our coverage scope to include film, television, and pop culture content. To better reflect our current identity, we made the decision to rebrand ourselves as simply, Consequence. (Don’t worry; Consequence of Sound will remain the name of our music vertical.)

    We created our new website with several goals in mind: As more than 75% of our readers now consume our content on their mobile devices, we set out to make a mobile-first experience that looks great, loads fast, and is easy to consume on small screens.

    Secondly, we sought to give each individual vertical (that’s Music, Film, TV, Heavy, Podcasts, and Video) its own dedicated channel. As such, when you visit any of these verticals, you’ll notice that each has been given its own distinct microsite with its respective content laid out accordingly. Soon, you’ll also be able to segment each page based on genre; if you only want to see only alternative rock content on Consequence of Sound, you’ll be able to do just that! A fan of horror and nothing else? You’ll have an ability to filter as such.


    The Consequence homepage aggregates all of our content. At the top you’ll find the featured stories of the day alongside the latest news headlines. Next you’ll find trending news articles and Consequence Clips, followed by individual modules for video, music, film, TV, Heavy Consequence, podcasts, lists, and live content.

    Speaking of video and podcasts, both verticals have also been given their own distinct layouts. It’s now easier than ever to find the latest episodes to your favorite video or podcast series.

    There’s plenty of other new features to note; the navigation menu has been completely reconfigured and simplified to display our most popular topics. Search has also been rebuilt to make it easer than ever to find archival content.

    Consequence Clips is a brand new feature we’re excited to launch, a new and engaging way to consume our content. New clips will be posted daily, and we strongly recommend you view them on mobile phone or tablet for an optimal experience.


    All of that may sound like a lot, but it’s really only the beginning. This is just the first phase of Consequence; in the coming months we plan on rolling out several more features, including infinite scroll across all articles; user profiles that allow you to customize the content displayed to your liking; and a Premium Experience offering exclusive content, giveaways, and an ad-free experience for a small monthly price. We’ll have more details to share shortly.

    We hope you enjoy this new website as much as we do, but if you have any feedback (whether positive or negative), we want to hear it! Shoot us an email. Let us know if there’s a feature you want to see, something from the old site that you miss, or a bug that you’ve discovered. The more input, the better! Ultimately, we want to provide the best experience as possible for our readers.

    These last 15 years have been a wild ride. We’ve published over 85,000 articles, spoken to thousands of artists, and broken hundreds of stories. We’re proud to be the largest independent media publication still standing, and we look forward to continue informing and entertaining you for many more years to come.


    Oh, and one last thing: We hope you’ll join us this weekend for our “Protect Live Music” benefit livestream. Taking place Friday, April 9th and Saturday, April 10th, over 90 artists will deliver exclusive performances and testimonials in celebration of independent music. Proceeds from the event will benefit the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA), which assists independent venues across the US in their ongoing recovery efforts. The event is free to stream; click here to gain access.