St. Vincent Shares Psychedelic Video for “The Melting of the Sun”: Watch

Fittingly retro animations to accompany the Daddy's Home track

st. vincent the melting of the sun music video

St. Vincent has fully embraced the ’70s aesthetic for her retro-sounding new record, Daddy’s Home. Today, she’s diving headlong into the animation styles of the era with the video for “The Melting of the Sun”.

Presented as a “betamax deluxe release” rip from “Candy’s Music Video Archives,” the clip blends live action shots of St. Vincent herself with the wavy, intermittent animation frames any Schoolhouse Rock student is familiar with. The psychedelic lines fit a song called “The Melting of the Sun” perfectly, as do the drawings of the legends mentioned in the song’s lyrics like Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell, and Tori Amos.

St. Vincent co-directed the clip with Bill Benz, while Chris McD provided the animation. Check out the video below.

The new visual comes just days after St. Vincent’s performance of “The Melting of the Sun” on Saturday Night Live. She also played the Daddy’s Home lead single “Pay Your Way in Pain”. The LP is set for a May 14th release via Loma Vista Recordings.

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