Dave Grohl and His Daughter Violet Share Cover of X’s “Nausea”: Stream

Grohl's 15-year-old daughter handles vocal duties on kickass rendition of the classic punk song

Dave and Violet Grohl Share Cover of X's "Nausea"
Dave and Violet Grohl, photo via Foo Fighters Instagram

    Violet Grohl has teamed up with her father Dave Grohl for a cover of X’s “Nausea”. The track, which was recorded for Dave’s upcoming documentary What Drives Us, arrived on digital music services on Friday.

    In an Instagram post, Papa Grohl shared the lengthy background behind the song. As it turns out, X drummer D. J. Bonebrake (a.k.a. Johann Christian Breinbrech) is a long-lost cousin of the family. He wrote,

    “I wanted to record a song that would not only pay tribute to the people and music that influenced me to become a musician, but also pay tribute to my long family history. So, what better song than an X song? And what better person to sing than my daughter, Violet Grohl, another descendant of Johann Christian Breinbrech. I picked one of my favorite X songs ‘Nausea’ from their 1980 debut album, Los Angeles, and forwarded it to Violet, hoping that she would agree to my most impulsive idea…

    “As nervous as she was, she stepped up to the microphone and sang with the power and confidence of a seasoned pro as I engineered the session like a proud father, encouraging her to let it all our. I then sang my harmonies over her vocal in the chorus, our two voices blending perfectly in the mix, and we smiled upon listening to playback at full volume. It was a moment that superseded anything musical. A life moment that I will cherish forever. A family moment.”

    This is by no means the first time that the Foo Fighters frontman has joined forces with his eldest daughter in a musical sense. 15-year-old Violet has spent the last several years singing backup in her father’s band Foo Fighters. She joined her father on the road for Foo Fighters’ most recent world tour, and can be heard on the band’s two most recent studio albums. However, this marks the first recording released under her own name.


    However, people first learned about Violet’s talents when she linked up with her father for an on-stage cover of Adele’s “When We Were Young” back in 2018, so it makes sense that they’d return to the cover format going forward. For this studio-recorded rendition of the 1980 X classic, Dave handles the instruments while Violet owns the track behind the mic. The two capture the rattling energy of the original while giving it a grungey sheen that sounds quintessentially Grohl-ian.

    Check it out along with the original version of the track below. Dave’s full note can also be found below.

    In related Grohl family news, Paramount+ will be debuting the six-part series from Dave and his mother on May 6th, based on his mother’s book, From Cradle to Stage: Stories from the Mothers Who Rocked and Raised Rock Stars. Earlier this month, the 52-year-old rocker collaborated with Mick Jagger on a track called “Eazy Sleazy”, and later this year he’ll publish his first book, Dave Grohl: The Storyteller.


    Oh, and Foo Fighters released their latest album Medicine At Midnight earlier this year.


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