Haviah Mighty Is Moving “Way Too Fast” on New Song Featuring Jalen Santoy: Stream

"This song is a reminder to dream big, and to not put a cap on your goals and limit your potential"

Haviah Mighty new song way too fast single jalen santoy listen stream
Haviah Mighty, photo by Yung Yemi

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    Haviah Mighty has uncorked an ode to the need for speed on her new song “Way Too Fast” featuring Jalen Santoy.

    The Toronto rapper co-produced the track alongside frequent collaborator Mighty Prynce. It opens with slow, searching pianos, but that contemplative atmosphere shifts into an aura of expectation when the drum kit ignites. In the past Mighty has expressed some skepticism of capitalism, as on her searing single inspired by the slave trade, “Atlantic”. But “Way Too Fast” is set inside the whirring machine, and as she seeks to describe the feeling of her own accelerating journey, she taps into the language of accumulation and luxury.

    “Back then we on slave ships,” she raps, “Nowadays we own spaceships/ Doubters trippin’ on laces/ Down shift then I race bitch.” The imagery peaks in the chorus, as a feeling of speed verging on motion sickness collides in her dreams with high-end Lamborghinis. “In my dreams, I move way too fast/ Murcielago, or a Gallardo, I’m going far away.”


    Mighty is aware of the tension between her idealism and the perks that accompany her burgeoning success, but even so she finds that success is worth celebrating. In the bridge, she reflects that, “This the type of shit I know I’m supposed to leave alone/ But it represents the triumph of my people though.”

    In a statement, she spoke about how her perspective changed after releasing her debut album 13th Floor, for which she became the first Black woman to win the Polaris Music Prize. She explained,

    “A few months later, I won the Polaris Music Prize for my album, and my preconceived ideas around what I was capable of achieving completely withered away. What felt impossible, now felt possible — maybe even probable. I felt this internal surge of self-belief –- it was belly deep, at the pit of my core. From then on, and to this day, I thoroughly believe I have what it takes to achieve my wildest dreams. This song is a reminder to dream big, and to not put a cap on your goals and limit your potential. As a people, we’ve come so far. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on the work that has yet to be done, but sometimes, we have to remind ourselves of the inevitable rewards as well.”

    Check out “Way Too Fast” below. Previously, she shared the singles “Antisocial”, “Obeah”, and spoke to Consequence about the Origins of “Good on My Own Tonight”.


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