Extreme Metal Band Ultra Vomit Perform for French President Emmanuel Macron: Watch

A challenge issued to to a pair of popular YouTubers resulted in the grindcore show in the gardens of the Élysée Palace

Ultra Vomit Perform for President Macron
Ultra Vomit, President Macron, and McFly & Carlito, via Youtube

    French president Emmanuel Macron was treated to a personal concert by an extreme grindcore band called Ultra Vomit in the gardens of his official residence, the Élysée Palace. Sounds like he lost a bet, right? Well, that’s pretty much what happened.

    Back in February, Macron challenged popular French YouTube personalities McFly and Carlito to make a video to encourage pandemic safety — wearing masks, social distancing, etc. If the video hit 10 million views, they would be invited to the Élysée Palace and allowed to film on the grounds. So, McFly and Carlito made a video in which they sang an acoustic song about staying safe during the pandemic, and it garnered 15 million views. Challenge won!

    True to his word, Macron invited the pair to the Élysée Palace, where they spent time with the president inside the residence before heading outside for an intimate concert in the garden — by French grindcore band Ultra Vomit.


    Seated between McFly and Carlito, Macron witnessed Ultra Vomit perform a rockin’ snippet of the French national anthem before delivering a full-on extreme-metal cover of the French lullaby “Une Souris Verte (A Green Mouse)”. The French president sat there in amazement during the one-minute concert, with McFly and Carlito engaging in a short-lived two-man moshpit.

    Apparently, Macron’s interactions with McFly and Carlito have done wonders for his standing with young voters. According to Reuters, his approval rating has gone up eight points to 51% among French citizens 18 to 24, as opposed to an overall rating of 40% among all adults.

    Now, it’s President Biden’s turn to invite Pig Destroyer to the White House lawn.

    Watch Ultra Vomit’s performance for President Macron below, followed by video of the full visit to the palace by McFly and Carlito (already at more than 8 million views since being posted over the weekend), as well as their challenge-winning pandemic-safety video.

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