Gorilla Glue Girl Files Cease and Desist Over “My Hair, It Don’t Move” Sample in Viral Song

The track, "Bad Idea", uses an unauthorized snippet from Tessica Brown's original TikTok video

Gorilla Glue girl cease and desist legal action Bad Idea My hair it don't move song remix stream lawsuit Tessica Brown, photo via TikTok/@im_d_ollady
Tessica Brown, photo via TikTok/@im_d_ollady

    At the start of this year, TikTok user Tessica Brown became a viral sensation after using Gorilla Glue clear adhesive spray to hold down her braided ponytail, unaware that it would cause permanent damage. Her original video was both a plea for help and a cautionary warning, but the internet turned it into a meme-turned-shaming session. Thankfully, Brown was eventually helped by a plastic surgeon free of charge, but now she’s up against the next worst thing: a stranger profiting from her pain by way of a song remix sample.

    Someone named Cocoa Brown has uploaded a song to streaming services called “Bad Idea (Gorilla Glue Girl Remix)”. As the tile implies, that track prominently features the line “My hair, it don’t move” from Brown’s video, and the exact snippet with that part has gone viral on TikTok and Instagram. It’s not just fan-favorite influencers making videos singing along to the song but straight-up celebrities as well, like Damon Wayans Jr.’s daughter Aniya Wayans and Cardi B’s daughter Kulture. That’s a whole lot of views — and, in turn, profits — created from Brown’s literal pain that’s lining a stranger’s pockets.

    As noted by TMZ, Brown (through her attorney Jeffrey R. Klein) has sent cease and desist letters to several different people for their use of “Bad Idea” and her unauthorized audio sample. It orders each person to stop using the song immediately and to take down the content in question due to copyright infringement, as she claims others are using her image, likeness, and vocals. “To the extent it becomes necessary, Tessica intends to seek the recovery of all penalties, statutory damages and punitive damages for such knowing infringement as applicable,” reads the cease and desist letter.


    “Bad Idea” was originally uploaded to platforms like Apple Music and Spotify back in February, but it’s only recently begun to take off on social media. As Stereogum notes, the only other track Cocoa Brown appears to have put out is “I Got Maced”, a similar remix song that reworks a viral clip of Elizabeth from Knoxville saying “I got maced.”

    As of writing this, the Wayans video has over 1.2 million views and Kulture’s clip has racked up over 1.1 million views. Neither have been taken down just yet and can be seen below. Hopefully Brown’s letters will be taken seriously because she deserves to enjoy some peace and quiet sooner rather than later.


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