GWAR Unveil Video for Acoustic “F**k This Place”: Watch

The intergalactic barbarians' new acoustic EP arrives on May 28th

Gwar F This Place Video
Gwar F**k This Place Video, via YouTube

GWAR have unveiled a music video for their acoustic version of “F**k This Place”, which they had recently released as the first single from their forthcoming unplugged EP, The Disc With No Name.

The song, which expresses the intergalactic barbarians’ contempt for the human race, originally appeared on GWAR’s most recent studio album, The Blood of Gods. Here, they strip it down, allowing fans to truly connect with lines like, “Out of time/ We were banished here/ For our crimes/ Incarcerated on this ball of slime/ Primeval wasteland.”

A press release reads, “Today, your Lords and Masters are as thrilled as David Crosby scoring an eight-ball to unveil a new epic video for the acoustic version of ‘F**k this Place.'”

Singer Blóthar the Berserker admits he wasn’t sure what he was getting into with GWAR’s acoustic EP, stating, “This isn’t what I thought they meant by ‘unplugged.’ I haven’t been able to muster a turd for years.”

Meanwhile, guitarist Pustulus Maximus points to a more utilitarian reason behind the acoustic effort: “I forgot to pay my electric bill so we were forced to rehearse acoustically and this is the result.”

GWAR’s The Disc With No Name EP is set for release May 28th via select independent record stores or digitally via Amazon. It will arrive on the heels of GWAR’s “Bud of Gods” CBD line, which recently added Delta-8 gummies and a super-deluxe collector’s box, to go along with premium CBD hemp flower, pre-rolls, and accessories like rolling papers, rolling tray, grinders, and more.

See the full line of GWAR’s “Bud of Gods” CBD products at, and watch the new video for the acoustic version of “F**k This Place” below.