Justice’s Gaspard Augé Announces Debut Solo Album Escapades, Shares “Hey!”: Stream

Out June 25th

Gaspard Augé debut solo album escapades new song hey single listen stream justice
Gaspard Augé, photo by Jasper J. Spanning

    Maximalists rejoice: Gaspard Augé, one half of the French electronic duo Justice, has announced his debut solo album Escapades. It’s out June 25th, and will include his April single “Force Majeure” as well as the new song “Hey!”

    Escapades was made with French composer Victor le Masne, best known for his collaborations with Chilly Gonzales and Joseph Mount of Metronomy. Together, he and Augé worked in Paris, flitting between two different studios: Enterprise, where they used a synthesizer that had once belonged to English prog band Yes; and Motorbass Studios, which had been owned by their friend, Cassius’ Philippe Zdar, who unexpectedly died in 2019.

    The goal, according to a statement, was an album that “reimagines European classical music for the 21st century.” As Augé put it, “I’ve always been obsessed with making larger than life music. Mostly because it’s more fun.”


    You can hear some of that zest for size on the new single “Hey!”. Like its predecessor, this cut uses electronic music to celebrate an analog instrument. As “Force Majeure” paid tribute to crashing symbols, “Hey!” is an ode to the whirling strings of a violin.

    The track comes with a short (less than one minute) video directed by Filip Nilsson. Filmed in Turkey, it shows a horseback rider charging through the gorgeous steppes, stooping to pluck a violin off the ground at incredible speed, and then whaling away on the instrument while clinging to the steed with his knees. “This is the first thing that came to my mind while recording the track,” said Augé, “a Mongolian horse rider playing the violin in the steppe, an epic ride with a far east feel. Filip Nilsson and the amazing rider Metin Yılmaz made that dream come true.” Check out the official video, as well as the full version of “Hey!” below.

    While Augé has been working on his solo debut, his band Justice has managed to stay busy, mostly with cease and desist letters to Justin Bieber about him ripping off their logo.


    Escapades Artwork:

    Escapades Tracklist:
    01. Welcome
    02. Force Majeure
    03. Rocambole
    04. Europa
    05. Pentacle
    06. Hey!
    07. Captain
    08. Lacrimosa
    09. Belladone
    10. Casablanca
    11. Vox
    12. Rêverie