Letter From the Editor: A Whole New Consequence

Meet Gab Ginsberg, the new Managing Editor of Consequence

consequence of sound relaunch logo

Congratulations: if you’re reading this, you’ve made it to May 2021. It’s springtime, the sun is shining, the world is starting to open up in certain regions, and with luck, we’ll make it to a (non-virtual!) festival or two in the next calendar year.

For Consequence, the spring has also brought some major changes. A few top editors have graduated, but a relaunch and several new hires (hi!) will ensure an exciting next few months. Fifteen years in, Consequence has endured as the industry’s largest independent media publication, and I’m honored to come aboard.

A little about me: I’m a writer, editor, pop culture enthusiast and obsessive list-maker. Outside of work, I’m mostly eating tasty foods and watching live music. If and when those two things manage to intersect with work, I’m a happy camper.

A few weeks ago, Alex introduced you to the new Consequence. Besides the name change and snazzy redesign, over the coming months you can also expect to see expanded coverage of genres, artist-first editorial features and other exclusive content, plus fresh voices on the writing side. As the wise Conan O’Brien has said, we’re going to make sure you “get more cereal in the box than anyone has ever gotten before.”

If Consequence of Sound was “the missing link between mainstream pop culture and the underground,” consider Consequence to be the whole damn highway, neatly connecting the realms of music, festivals, movies, television, podcasts and comedy. We can’t wait to share everything that’s in the pipeline.

As the first female lead editor in the site’s history, I couldn’t be more thrilled to join the Consequence team than at this very moment. Not to hammer home the lame spring metaphor, but it’s certainly a time for change and growth — for both the site, and for myself. The opportunity to bring Consequence to the next level is not something I take lightly, and I thank you for trusting me to do so.

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