Spiritbox Announce Debut Album Eternal Blue, Share “Secret Garden”: Stream

The Canadian metal band's first full-length LP arrives September 17th

Spiritbox Announce New Album Eternal Blue
Spiritbox, photo by Travis Shinn

    Rising metal band Spiritbox have announced their highly anticipated debut album, Eternal Blue, out September 17th via Rise Records. The Canadian trio also shared the new single “Secret Garden”.

    The album will arrive on a wave of hype following the band’s 2017 EP and a long string of successful one-off singles — three of which made the tracklist for Eternal Blue (“Constance”, “Circle with Me”, and “Holy Roller”).

    In a way, the singles format has both helped and hindered the band. As singer Courtney LaPlante explains, the single limits the listener’s perception to just one song at a time. In turn, the expectations for each new song become more particular.


    “I think this is the most scared I’ve been to put out a song, because I realize as we continue to release music in single format, listeners can start to assume what kind of band we are, and are alarmed when we do not meet those assumptions,” LaPlante said in a press release.

    On their latest track, “Secret Garden”, Spiritbox offer up another mind-expanding metallic storm of exact riffs and melodic vocals. The band create a dreamlike ambience with their sheer musicality, as the moving parts assemble into a singular, colossal whole.

    “I want to continue to showcase the fluidity that is inherent in heavy music, and even though this is just one part of a full body of work that may not sound exactly like this song, it is a song that we love and are obsessed with,” LaPlante said. “I celebrate variation. ‘Secret Garden’ is exciting to me, for this reason. I’m scared but excited, like I’m about to hit the big drop on a roller coaster, and I’m fully embracing that.”


    Putting out a proper full-length is a major step for Spiritbox, one the band had hoped to take on sooner.

    “We are very anxious to release our album, it is a body of work we have been accumulating for over two years,” LaPlante said. “Having the recording process put on hold for so long due to the pandemic has made me see that I can never take the experience of tracking an album for granted ever again.”

    Pre-order Eternal Blue via the Spiritbox website. Stream “Secret Garden” and check out the album art and tracklist below.


    Eternal Blue Artwork:

    Spiritbox Eternal Blue

    Eternal Blue Tracklist:
    01. Sun Killer
    02. Hurt You
    03. Yellowjacket feat. Sam Carter
    04. The Summit
    05. Secret Garden
    06. Silk in the Strings
    07. Holy Roller
    08. Eternal Blue
    09. We Live in a Strange World
    10. Halcyon
    11. Circle with Me
    12. Constance

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