TEKE::TEKE Share New Album Shirushi: Stream

Montreal-based surf-psych's septet's debut effort

teke teke new album shirushi stream
TEKE::TEKE, photo by Andy Jon

    Montreal-based septet TEKE::TEKE have released their debut album, Shirushi. Stream it via Apple Music or Spotify below.

    TEKE::TEKE named themselves after a Japanese slang term for those into surf culture, which is an onomatopoeia that’s meant to sound like a surf guitar riff. Their sound is inspired by 1960s and 1970s era psychedelic Japanese soundtracks while mixing in modern punk influences.

    The nine-track Shirushi (or “signs of great changes to come”) covers themes of identity, spirituality, rebirth, and self-exploration, featuring supernatural storytelling across its lyrics.


    In the case of “Barbara”, which we named Song of the Week last month, the track centers on a being called a Zashiki-Warashi, an impish childlike spirit that pulls pranks around a home. Meanwhile, “Meikyu” tells the story of a young character trying to escape the grasp of a twisted spirit that took the form of a labyrinthe-like mansion.

    Pick up vinyl or CD editions of Shirushi on TEKE::TEKE’s Bandcamp.

    Shirushi Artwork:

    teketeke new album shirushi artwork

    Shirushi Tracklist:
    01. Kala Kala
    02. Yoru Ni
    03. Dobugawa
    04. Barbara
    05. Kizashi
    06. Kaminari
    07. Sarabande
    08. Meikyu
    09. Tekagami

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