Hardcore Band Section H8 Unleash “Streetsweeper” Featuring Rancid’s Tim Armstrong: Stream

The L.A. hardcore band's debut full-length album, Welcome to the Nightmare, arrives on July 30th

Section H8 Tim Armstrong song Streetsweeper
Section H8 (courtesy of Flatspot Records), Tim Armstrong (photo by Raymond Ahner)

    Section H8, a relatively new hardcore-punk band out of Los Angeles, have recruited the legendary Tim Armstrong of Rancid for their new single “Streetsweeper”. The song appears on Section H8’s upcoming debut full-length album, Welcome to the Nightmare, which arrives July 30th via Flatspot Records.

    After forming in 2018, Section H8 released two EPs, Phase 1 and Winter Games, while building up their reputation as a dynamic live act. Armstrong has been bringing the punk for 35 years, having played in Operation Ivy prior to Rancid, and knows a good hardcore band when he sees one. The singer-guitarist commented, “Section H8 are an incredible new band. I love them! When they asked me to collaborate on their new record, I didn’t hesitate.”

    He added, “At times, they harken back to the rawness of 1980s Agnostic Front Cause for Alarm era hardcore, while at the same time documenting what’s around them in 2021.”


    For Section H8 frontman Mexi, working with Armstrong was a dream come true. “It was an honor and a privilege to work on ‘Streetsweeper’ with Tim Armstrong, who’s both a friend and a huge inspiration to this band and to myself as a lyricist.”

    “Streetsweeper” is two-minute hardcore tune that features Mexi and Armstrong trading verses at breakneck speeds for the first minute, before settling into a heavy groove for the second minute.

    In addition to frontman Mexi, Section H8 is comprised of Aldo (guitar), Chris (drums), Dan (bass, vocals), and Ryan (guitar, vocals). The various members have played in such acts as Product of Waste, Downpresser, Minus, Human Garbage, and Nomads.


    Section H8’s debut album, Welcome to the Nightmare, is available for pre-order via Amazon or Bandcamp. Check out “Streetsweeper” featuring Tim Armstrong below, followed by the album art and tracklist.

    Welcome to the Nightmare Artwork:

    Section H8 - Welcome to the Nightmare

    Welcome to the Nightmare Tracklist:
    01. Nightmare
    02. 100 Seconds
    03. Knife
    04. Track & Field
    05. Roaches
    06. Mist-Head
    07. F.O.A.D.
    08. Streetsweeper (ft. Tim Armstrong)
    09. Behind the 8 Ball
    10. Hate