Andrew W.K. Brings the Metal on New Song “Everybody Sins”: Stream

The upcoming album God Is Partying arrives September 10th

andrew wk everybody sins video
Andrew W.K. (via YouTube)

    Andrew W.K. has shared the music video for “Everybody Sins,” the latest single his forthcoming album, God Is Partying, out September 10th.

    “Everybody Sins” is one of the heaviest metal songs we’ve heard from the perpetual partier. Pounding drums and a delicious, multi-faceted guitar riff back up Andrew W.K.’s soaring power-metal vocals. It’s a song that would make the likes of Ronnie James Dio and Iron Maiden proud.

    Per usual, W.K. imbues the lyrics with positive and hopeful messages, this time offering up some philosophy of acceptance: Everybody sins. Nobody’s perfect. Party on.

    Accompanying the new song is another stylized music video, this time featuring glossy performance clips and glitchy images of suburbia. The band shots and camera placements (i.e. the above-the-drummer snare cam) have a particularly ’80s MTV aesthetic that works well with the song’s traditional heavy metal stylings. But it appears that making the video wasn’t so simple.

    “When we started working on the video for ‘Everybody Sins’, the director and I were scheming and straining over some of the choreography and camera moves,” stated W.K. “Now, I do realize some people will say life’s too short to scheme and strain like this. And others will say life’s too short NOT to scheme and strain. Still, other people will say both these approaches are incorrect. And what do I say? Everything I just said in the video for ‘Everybody Sins’.”


    Andrew W.K. once again performed all the instruments on God Is Partying, co-producing the record with longtime recording partner and Grammy-winning engineer Ted Young.

    The party hits the road in September when Andrew W.K. heads out in support of the new album. The short run of dates kicks off on September 10th in Los Angeles and wraps up at the Furnace Fest on September 26th in Birmingham, Alabama. Get tickets here.

    Pre-order God Is Partying via Nuclear Blast. Watch the video for “Everybody Sins” below.