Coheed and Cambria’s Claudio Sanchez on Navigating the Pandemic, 2021 Tour, and New Music

"After making music for so long and entering a pandemic, we didn't want limitations to the creative process"

Coheed and Cambria Claudio Sanchez interview 2021
Coheed and Cambria, photo by Jimmy Fontaine

    Coheed and Cambria have kept busy during the past year, between launching a coffee line, collaborating with Rick Springfield on the song “Jessie’s Girl 2”, doing Twitch streams, and working on some musical side projects.

    “We each tried to be creative in our own unique ways apart from each other and navigate the isolation as best we knew how,” frontman Claudio Sanchez tells Heavy Consequence.

    Sanchez caught up with Heavy Consequence to discuss Coheed and Cambria’s upcoming tour with The Used, how he and the band navigated the pandemic, and various other projects. He also gave us a hint as to what fans can expect as far as new Coheed music.


    Pick up tickets to Coheed and Cambria’s tour with The Used via Ticketmaster, and purchase Coheed’s line of Coffee Roasters products at this location. Read our interview with Claudio Sanchez below.

    On Coheed and Cambria’s various projects during the pandemic

    [We released] “Jessie’s Girl 2” starring Rick Springfield. I thought that was pretty bold for the whacky band that lives in a comic book. Also, we launched a coffee, musical side-projects, action figures, Twitch streams, Neverender Cruise production… we each tried to be creative in our own unique ways apart from each other and navigate the isolation as best we knew how.

    On what he’s most looking forward to as the band gets back on the road

    I miss the rituals and sleeping on a bus, but there are plenty of things that I don’t miss. Ha!

    On what makes The Used a good fit as tour mates


    When the idea was brought up to me, I was reminded of the day I met my wife. We met in 2003 at The Marquee Theater in Jacksonville, Florida, when Coheed was supporting The Used. I thought it could bring back some memories. I also feel there is some crossover that could excite both audiences.

    On his solo project, The Prize Fighter Inferno, and what inspired him to start it

    I think the isolation, the passing of my grandfather and figuring out how to navigate his death and the grieving process with the COVID restrictions in place. Also, living in and loving New York City. I think these feelings helped resurrect it.

    On Coheed and Cambria’s coffee line, Coffee Roasters

    My wife and I are coffee drinkers. In the mornings, I would walk to our local spot to get her a cup before she woke. I thought, how can I save myself this walk? I got it! We’ll create our own!

    On what makes coffee and rock music a great fit


    I don’t know, but for me, I have to love something to consider trying my hand at it. I love drinking coffee and enjoyed the process, going back and forth with the roaster and creating the profiles to resemble the characters I created 20 some odd years ago.

    On whether Coheed and Cambria have been working on new music and what fans can expect

    I’ll be honest. A lot of times, with bands who’ve been around and built a strong fanbase like we have, I think there might be a tendency, intentionally or unintentionally, to try to give the fans what they want and not take too many risks. But after making music for so long and entering a pandemic, we didn’t want limitations to the creative process. The [next] record is going to be what I hope people perceive this band to be in 2021/2022.

    It’s a modern record. It’s a Coheed and Cambria record, but it’s looking forward, not backwards.

    On what is influencing Coheed and Cambria’s new music


    I think the biggest influence of the record is my son and navigating parenthood within this strange new world we all found ourselves in.

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