Cypress Hill Revolutionized Hip-Hop via Hard Rock and Latin Funk

On Episode 3 of The Opus: Cypress Hill, we explore the iconic rap group's unique blend of styles and sounds

Cypress Hill Revolutionized Hip-Hop via Hard Rock and Latin Funk the opus podcast header image
The Opus: Cypress Hill

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    On the previous episode of Consequence Podcast Network and Sony’s The Opus Season 15, we explored the chemistry between the voices of Cypress Hill’s B-Real and Sen Dog. In Episode 3, we look at the unique alchemy of their beats.


    The place where rock and metal meet has always been a part of Cypress Hill’s sonic and cultural identity. Sen Dog’s first concert was thrash-metal band Slayer; that band’s drummer, Dave Lombardo (who, like Sen, is Cuban-American), was his high school friend. At the end of “How I Could Just Kill a Man,” someone quotes Suicidal Tendencies’ “Institutionalized.”

    Cypress Hill’s sound had its origins as much in hard rock as it did with Latin funk. The group put their guitar-based influences under every one of their raps.

    In this episode, host Jill Hopkins and her guests — including Sen Dog, Public Enemy’s Chuck D, and more — talk about that intersection between rock and hip-hop, and examine how other artists found themselves at the center of the Venn diagram Cypress Hill first drew.


    Original music by Tony Piazza.

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