How Erick the Architect Makes His Mental Health Future Proof

The Flatbush Zombies member explains his approach to building enduring emotional well-being

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Going There with Dr. Mike with Erick the Architect, photo by Kanya Iwana

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    Erick Elliott, otherwise known as Flatbush Zombies member and producer Erick the Architect, joins Dr. Mike Friedman on the Going There podcast to discuss the concept of how we can build strong mental health over the course of our lifetime. The title of Erick’s new solo EP gives a label to this concept — making our mental health Future Proof.

    One of the most important concepts that underlies a great deal of our mental health and well-being is how we understand and prepare for our future. And unfortunately, anticipation of negative events happening in the future is often a core feature of anxiety disorders such as panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, and mood disorders such as depression. The hip-hop artist explains how in so many areas of our lives, such as our work and finances, we think about planning for the future to give ourselves the best chance to succeed over the long term. But we don’t tend to do that as much with our mental health.


    Erick the Architect goes on to explore the need to make our mental health a priority throughout our lives. In particular, he discusses how when we are looking for strong, healthy, and supportive relationships, it is critical that the person accepts us as who we are first, and then within the context of accepting us, seeks to help us improve. Without that initial acceptance, the relationship can quickly feel toxic. So let’s go there and check out what Erick has to say!

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    Those in need of mental health assistance can visit the Sound Mind Live resources page for a list of helplines, community programs, therapy links, and more.

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