Beggars Arkive to Release Gary Numan Vinyl Box Set of 15 Singles

The collection spans the new wave pioneer's body of work from 1978 to 1983

gary numan singles collection 1978-1983 vinyl box set beggars arkive
Gary Numan, photo by Heather Kaplan

    Beggars Arkive has unveiled a long-awaited collection of Gary Numan’s hit singles in a brand-new box set, The Singles Collection 1978-1983.

    The 15 singles and accompanying B-sides span the electronic pioneer’s work from 1978 through 1983, exclusively on translucent vinyl in red, blue, and green. Each set comes complete with a white vinyl DJ case as well as a 64-page tri-color booklet featuring “front and back sleeve images, notes, recording and original release information for each single plus and archival images,” according to a release.

    Numan’s box set will be available November 5th via both the Beggars Arkive webstore and the artist’s website, with only 2000 limited-edition copies made worldwide. Check out the collection’s special packaging and complete tracklist after the jump.


    Last month, Numan announced his upcoming North American tour, which kicks off this September at The Fonda in L.A. The trek across the US and Canada will be in support of his latest album Intruder, which contains singles “Intruder,” “I Am Screaming,” and “Saints and Liars.”

    Gary Numan — The Singles Collection 1978-1983 Packaging:

    gary numan singles box set 1978-1983 vinyl packaging

    Gary Numan — The Singles Collection 1978-1983 Tracklist:

    Red Vinyl: 1978
    01. That’s Too Bad/Oh! I Didn’t Say (Tubeway Army)
    02. Bombers/Blue Eyes/O.D. Receiver (Tubeway Army)

    Blue Vinyl: 1978-1980
    03. Down in the Park/Do You Need the Service (Tubeway Army)
    04. Are ‘Friends’ Electric/We Are So Fragile (Tubeway Army)
    05. Cars/Asylum
    06. Complex/Bombers
    07. We Are Glass/Trois Gymnopedies (First Movement)
    08. I Die: You Die/Down in the Park
    09. This Wreckage/Photograph


    Green Vinyl: 1981-1983
    10. She’s Got Claws/I See Rain
    11. Music for Chameleons/Noise Noise
    12. We Take Mystery (to Bed)/The Image Is
    13. White Boys and Heroes/War Games
    14. Warriors/My Car Slides (1)
    15. Sister Surprise/Poetry and Power