Welcome to Jackass: The Stunt-Comedy Franchise’s 10 Most Outrageous Moments

In preparation for the upcoming Jackass Forever

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Jackass 3D (Paramount)

    We’re Consequence, and welcome to Jackass. The latest installment of the iconic stunt-comedy franchise is set to hit theaters this fall, marking the first time Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Wee Man, Danger Ehren, and Preston Lacy have reunited on screen in over a decade. Jackass Forever, which premieres on October 22nd, aims to deliver some of the most shocking and hilarious stunts of the group’s careers, joined by a promising slew of rookies. Knoxville’s hair might’ve greyed since the last time we saw him, but the stuntman and his loyal crew still have plenty of pranks, concussions, and various bodily fluids left to lose.

    Believe it or not, the first iteration of Jackass premiered over 20 years ago as a comedy series on MTV. In 2002, the franchise pivoted to the big screen; if you grew up in the 2000s, the Jackass films were almost certainly a Blockbuster staple. To properly prepare for the kind of shits and giggles — sometimes literally — we’ll see in Jackass Forever, we’ve rounded up ten of the wildest, funniest, and flat-out grossest moments of Jackass history. And, in case you need the reminder: Don’t try this at home.

    10. Wasabi Snooters (Jackass: The Movie)

    The cast of Jackass can really take a beating. Throughout the various installments of the franchise, they’ve wound up in some life-threatening situations, resulting in countless flesh wounds, a few broken backs, and exactly one crushed penis. Sometimes, you need something to take the edge off of a long day at work — like snorting a few lines of straight wasabi.

    09. The Shoplifter (Jackass: The Movie)

    It always seems to be the young people who get chastised for stealing snacks, drinks, or packs of gum from the local convenience store. In Jackass: The Movie, however, Knoxville brings up the question: Would you fight a poor old man smuggling processed foods into his jacket? Knoxville’s elderly character was such a hit that a spinoff film, Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, was released in 2013.


    08. The High-Five (Jackass 3D)

    When you’re used to being a celebrity stuntman, spending time in an office can feel like a bit of a drag. High-fives are a great way to lighten the mood around lifeless cubicles and grimy conference rooms. Just please be careful if you plan on bringing soup for lunch.

    07. Duck Hunting (Jackass 3D)


    This ain’t your average summer camp. Bobbing into a lake is enough of a thrill as it is, but throw in some costumes and BB guns, and you’ve got yourself a good day of duck hunting, too.

    06. Golf Course Airhorn (Jackass: The Movie)

    Ahh… Nothing like a relaxing morning on the putting green. Just you, your buddies, and no loud noises in the vicinity besides the occasional hum of a cart whizzing by to the next hole. Absolutely no distractions whatsoever.


    05. Jet Engine Stunt (Jackass 3D)

    Remember riding a plane for the first time as a kid, staring out the window in awe, wondering how such a contraption stays in the air and speculating how it might feel to be right under its whirring fans? The Jackass boys know exactly how it feels. They don’t necessarily recommend it.

    04. Beehive Tetherball (Jackass 3D)

    Didn’t Steve-O and Dave England’s parents ever tell them not to mess with bees? Let’s just say this game of tetherball didn’t last very long.


    03. Riot Control Test (Jackass Number Two)

    Some embassies use crowd control machines like the I-460 Stingmore Mine, which shoots rubber balls at a potentially-lethal 500 feet per second. Leave it to Knoxville to take it like a champ — so long as his face remains unharmed.

    02. Toro Trotter (Jackass Number Two)


    You’ve got your seesaws. You’ve got your professional rodeos. And then, you’ve got your Toro Trotter: a four-man seesaw in which each participant is at total mercy of an angry bull. With no protective gear in sight, it’s every man for himself (and, maybe, for the bull’s lunch).

    01. Poo Cocktail Supreme (Jackass 3D)

    Even when used properly, port-o-potties can be unpleasant and precarious structures. What could possibly go wrong when attaching a movable toilet — full of human waste, naturally — to bungee cords while a man is inside? Whether it be due to the putrid smell or the intense oscillating motion, puke will definitely occur. This is one cocktail you definitely don’t want to drink.